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It can’t be about me

March 19, 2009

This ties into what the last post was about, but what I do can’t be about me.

I heard recently from a friend that pastors should not stay at churches longer than 10 years (or even 5), because at that point what becomes most important is not God or the gospel but the pastor. The person can’t be the center of the ministry.

So, I can’t be what Zao Anglican Youth Ministry is all about. I can not be the center. When students show up, it can not be because they want to see me, but because they want what the ministry is all about – a community that draw them closer to Christ.

But it is hard to make that the case. It is hard not to try to be a funny, charismatic person (not that I succeed at that…). Being funny helps people like you. People like to come to hear someone they like.

I pray that I learn how to point past myself, so that students know that the real reason I do anything is to try and figure out how to get them to love Christ and others more.