well, I suppose I could describe myself a little.

I am an aspiring thinker. I feel like to achieve that level of ‘Christian thinker’ you need to build up some clout. Since I am impatient, I will do that by the fastest means necessay – the internet.

Although this is a writing project, I may find myself adding other things as my fancy changes. 22 years is not nearly long enough for me to have anything particularly good to say, but maybe this blind squirrel will happen upon a few nuts.

do keep reading. I will hopefully keep writing. I appreciate all commentary on what I say, because no one gets better at anything without plenty of good advice to help them, or maybe just some ridicule to give me big ‘ol chip on my shoulder.

ultimately, my only purpose is to do what I can to glorify God, and if that can be done by encouraging others or helping you think about something new, I am doing my job.


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