the poison of Christians

April 27, 2007

Richard Dawkins is right…well partially

I have been looking a little bit into what he has to say about Christianity, and although I may not agree on every point, he does have some good conclusions to make. Albeit, I don’t agree with the things that he probably wants me to agree with him on, but that is alright

I mean, as far as the lack of existence of God, he is considerably missing a lot of things. And, to be honest, despite his polite sounding demeanor, he is very ungracious to the other side of the argument. But when it comes down to the problems that religion has caused, he is spot on.

In the name of religion many awful things have been done. And as a dedicated Christian, I can never apologize enough for either the cruel things my fellow Christians have done, or for the things that some people who claim to be Christians have done.

There is no excuse for Westboro Baptist “Church.”

There is no excuse for the bombing of abortion clinics, the beatings of homosexuals, and the constant snobbery that comes from Christians.

Don’t even get me started on the crusades.

the only thing I can say in response to this is that this is a flaw of people, but not of God. Our failings to properly live out the example Christ set for us is not the fault of Christ but of us. We have done a terrible job of feeding the poor and helping the oppressed.

I am really really sorry.

But what that means is not that God does not exist, or that Christianity is false. It means that the church has some shaping up to do. We have some serious work ahead of us. Frankly, the gospel is an offensive enough message before we get to it. It does not need any help to cut to the core of people.

I apologize also that some parts of the church have told the world that God loves you just as you are AND that He does not desire change for you. I think we can all agree that people at least all have flaws, and at most are inherently evil and sinful because of the fall of Adam. What kind of God would love you and not want you to be the very best you can be? What sort of God would allow us to wallow in our error, without even giving us the opportunity to better ourselves and become more and more like Him?

And I am not even getting into the issue that a holy God requires us to strive to rid our lives of evil.

So, in short, the church has made two vital errors: one of which is attacking the world and hating it instead of loving it, the other is loving it falsely and pretending as if God did not possess any power or will to make people better than they are able to do on their own.


2 Responses to “the poison of Christians”

  1. Richard Dawkins makes a lot of very interesting and thought provoking remarks that should be compulsory listening for all those Christians that think there are easy answers to life’s hard questions!

  2. maybenow Says:

    hmmm… very true

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